A Chess Journal?

Welcome to The Chess Journal Blog.

This will be the official place for news and updates on ChessJournal as well as an open forum for feedback on the application.  The app is currently in development and we hope will be available in “early 2016”.  After launch we hope to keep an open dialogue with fans and purchasers of ChessJournal as we iteratively work to develop the best app there is for personal self improvement in the world of chess.  But we are getting ahead of selves.  What is ChessJournal?

From my perspective, it is a passion project from a team exploring the world of digital design and chess.  But as far you the reader is concerned, it is a digital solution to a physical problem…

The internet is wonderful medium for playing two-dimensional chess against strangers.  But if you are reading this I suspect, like me, you are also a fan of the more traditional form of chess.  Two people sat opposite each other engaged in a battle of wills, trying to secretly outwit each other when the answers are all there on the board. You could be sat anywhere in the world.  A park in New York. A coffee shop in Paris. Once I played in the Sahara desert against a camel driver!  Whilst ChessJournal is focused on over the board chess it is in a specific context that our app comes to life: competition.

For a whole range of reasons in competitive chess a player is not allowed his phone on.  It is a purely physical and mental endeavour as you focus solely on the 64 squares and the person sat opposite you.  However, one annoying side effect of competitive chess is the culmination of literally hundreds of scoresheets!


At the completion of a competitive game of chess the first thing we do is console or congratulate our opponent before diving into the mistakes we made, the masterly moves we conducted and our grand plans we so wanted to work.  We rush home and plug moves in computers and databases, and wince when we get the answers back. But why?

We want to get better. We want higher grades. We want to stop making mistakes.

The next day or the weekend we often arrange to meet friends in the park or coffee shop and share the tails of our chess escapades in order to seek advice, guidance and sympathy.

Enter ChessJournal.

ChessJournal is the digitisation of your chess career.  It is never leaving the house without your games collection.  It is analysing that late blitz finish on the commute to work.  Its looking at statistical breakdowns of your whole chess season and spotting trends, patterns and themes.  Its instantly sharing your exchange sacrifice with your best mate because you know they will love it!

Who is ChessJournal for?  You could argue its for amateurs, club players, semi-professionals and literally anyone who wants to get serious about study.  At its simplest I would say its for you.

Its all about your game.

Over the the next few weeks I will be posting up further updates on progress.  I hope you get as much from studying and sharing your games as we have from designing and building ChessJournal. Thanks for reading and please do follow us on Twitter.

Kind regards


UPDATE: We are delighted to say that since this blog post was written, ChessJournal is now available on the App Store. You can download it here: 


Thank you for your support.




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