A design preview…

We are drawing to the end of another week and I thought I would share some news from the ChessJournal team.

Development is well under way this week with file structures and basic forms starting to take shape.  Matt assures me that he is having lots of fun whilst I continue to tinker with designs and try to tell the wider world about ChessJournal.  Speaking of spreading the word about our project, we had an interesting week on social networks.

Our Twitter presence has risen by a massive 28 followers to 105 people.  I am pleased to be getting a steady stream of feedback and comments from the Twittersphere so kept it up people!  I also decided to register a presence on Facebook knowing thats its an easy platform for a lot of chess clubs to use.  During the registration process Facebook very kindly told me that 28,000,000 people had stated an interest about chess on Facebook.  I excitedly set up the ChessJournal page imagining all the untapped potential…

After a week we have 6 likes (and one of those was my wife).

My disappointment at the Facebook presence was dramatically forgotten in the middle of the week however when the ChessJournal blog started to receive a massive spike in visitors.  A deep dive into our analytics revealed that an innocuous post on Reddit (“What is your workflow when you analyse your own games?“) had started to drive a lot of traffic our way.  I noted that the Chess community on Reddit only numbered approximately 50,000 people which, when compared to Facebook, shows thats its not about quantity but quality of engaged passionate Chess players online!  I whole heartedly embrace the Reddit crowd, welcome to ChessJournal!

Blog Images 1

Blog Images 3

To finish with I thought I would share some early screenshots of our design efforts.  Obviously things are in flux as the natural part of a design and development process but I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect from ChessJournal 1.0.

I hope you all have a good week and I look forward to giving you more updates soon.  Until then, spread the word!

Blog Images 2

Blog Images 4

UPDATE: We are delighted to say that since this blog post was written, ChessJournal is now available on the App Store. You can download it here: 


Thank you for your support.



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