Introducing Chess Trends

Hello again ChessJournal fans!  First of all my apologies for being quiet in this last week.  I expect most of you will let me off for my tardy blogging when you learn that in the last 7 days I have become a father for the first time!  A truly remarkable experience that meant developing an app for over the board (OTB) chess fans fell off my radar (and rightly so).  I have just settled my newborn son down to sleep so thought I would post a quick update.

Despite me being preoccupied with changing nappies, work on ChessJournal is progressing nicely.  Luckily myself and developer Matt agreed a cut off point for the design and functionality of ChessJournal version 1.0 the day before my world turned upside down last week.  Therefore, Matt has been chugging along nicely in my absence.

On todays blog I want to talk about the final piece of functionality that we have added to version 1.0 of ChessJournal.  We are calling it “Trends” and you will notice from the screenshots below that it is being given high priority alongside “Games” and “Stats” as we feel it is a crucial area of ChessJournal that will continue to grow and expand in subsequent releases of the app.

Blog Images 5

“Trends” is basically a collection of patterns that ChessJournal collates about your OTB games to help you with your personal study and match play.  We haven’t really defined what makes up a “Trend” yet but we feel it is any pertinent data from which a pattern can be detected to help inform your personal study.  For example, what day of the week do you play best on? Our introduction of “Trends” is partly the reason for my earlier blog post on how do you study chess.

Initially, ChessJournal 1.0 will be launching with three “Trends”:

  • Opponent performance: How you fair against different opponents depending on the result i.e. win, lose or draw;
  • Length of game: How you score in games of different types of length which indicates  areas of your game you should focus study;
  • Day of the week: How you score on different days of the week which should help you prepare for those long weekend tournaments (or the first league match after a big tournament).

I have added some screenshots of the Trends area of ChessJournal below for you to get an early glimpse of our efforts.

Blog Images 6

Blog Images 7

An additional trend that me and Matt are working on is called “Mistakes”.  Basically we are hoping to develop a solution that shows you when in games you tend to make mistakes and the nature of them i.e. an inaccuracy (?!), a mistake (?) or a full on blunder (??).  I will blog more on the mistakes trend when I have more information and progress to report.

A final point on “Trends” is that it can become an area very much informed by you, the ChessJournal community.  On the community front, since my last post we have added another 22 Twitter followers and Facebook has rocketed up to a monstrous 8 likes! Slow and steady wins the race! Please do keep in touch and let us know your thoughts and help spread the word of ChessJournal, we really appreciate the support.  Thank you for reading!

UPDATE: We are delighted to say that since this blog post was written, ChessJournal is now available on the App Store. You can download it here:

Thank you for your support.


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