Fonts and Followers

I can’t believe its been 11 days since the last update, time flies!  Matt and myself have been busy beavering away on various aspects of ChessJournal and have had some great successes and interesting times…

On the positive front, we have almost completed all of the core functionality for ChessJournal, huzzah! The only exception is the ability to extract key analysis data from our open source chess engine and link it to games.  This is the last piece of version 1.0 functionality to be developed and although StockFish is very large, Matt assures me he is in the process to taming the savage beast.  Its just trickier than other aspects of the development and requires a little more time.


As for myself, I spent the week developing a brochure website for ChessJournal ( – going live soon) to explain the premise and benefits of ChessJournal.  One interesting event that happened this week when I went to purchase the very nice fonts that we had been planning on using in the design of ChessJournal (font geeks should know we planned on a nice Optima / Palatino combo which was looking lovely).  Unfortunately I failed to notice a very small dropdown menu on which adjusts the price of the font you want depending on usage.  For example, do you want to use the font on a website or an app.  When I adjusted the dropdown menu for “web app usage” my basket price increased from a respectable £75 (which I was quite prepared to pay) to an astonishing £2,490 (which you will be stunned to hear I was not prepared to pay)!  Further digging around revealed that we had to go back to the drawing board on the fonts being used in ChessJournal which necessitated revisiting all the design work to date and generally lost us a couple of days.  This will be why the more astute of you will have noticed a subtle logo tweak this week.


The logo and design on the left would cost £2,490.  The ones on the right would cost a hell of a lot less. Ah well, you live and learn!

Finally we registered on the Apple app store and have started proceedings to get ChessJournal into the store and evaluated and cleared.  To be up front, version 1.0 of ChessJournal will only be available for iOS devices but we fully intend to roll out on the Android Play store as part of our development roadmap (I will do another post on the ChessJournal roadmap close to launch).  Its just we had to start somewhere and I feel the mac community is sorely under supported when it comes to Chess.

So that is a very development heavy update from the ChessJournal team.  A real positive this week is our community has continued to grow, particularly on FaceBook.  Some targeted marketing from myself at chess clubs from around the world has boosted our FaceBook likes from 8 to 63 in a few short days.  Twitter continue to ticks along at 144 followers so we can comfortably say the ChessJournal community is now “in the hundreds”.

I want to say a massive thank you to all you early adopters of who have expressed an interest in ChessJournal. It really is lovely to get all the messages, questions and recommendations from around the world and I know moving forward it will put ChessJournal in a really strong place. We want ChessJournal to grow and evolve so if you are reading this and feel your chess club team mates and friends would be interested, please do spread the word.

Until next time!


UPDATE: We are delighted to say that since this blog post was written, ChessJournal is now available on the App Store. You can download it here:

Thank you for your support.



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