ChessJournal is LIVE!

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Hello ChessJournal fans,

By now I am sure that most regular readers are aware that ChessJournal v.1.0 went live on Saturday 28th May 2016.  Huzzah!

The response so far has been absolutely fantastic with a flurry of positive comments across social media.  Its been a pleasure to read everyones responses as well as start to gather valuable feedback on how we can improve ChessJournal. If you have contributed over the weekend then both myself and Matt would like to say a big thank you!

Its already fascinating to see the consensus from ChessJournal fans on things that can be improved as well as features that are missing.  For example, a PGN export feature has been requested on numerous occasions.  Such a request brought a wry smile to me and Matt as we have already (architecturally speaking) planned for the introduction of a PGN export feature. It just didn’t make it into v1.0 of ChessJournal. This is an excellent example of how real customer feedback affects the roadmap for ChessJournal.  Originally the PGN export feature was not so high a priority but we have listened to you, the customer, and are already planning how to move this desired feature forward. I will be blogging shortly with the high-level development for ChessJournal so please say tuned!

Back to the launch weekend and what fun it was! Special mention has to go to Terry Tyson who probably was not only the first ChessJournal customer (I Tweeted at 06:30 following my baby boy waking up at 05:00 and Terry instantly replied!!) but also demonstrated immediate learning from his chess match later in the day when he posted the following:


Unlucky Terry!

A second highlight of the launch weekend was finding ChessJournal entering the Top 20 in the Top Charts for “Board games” in the UK.  Straight in at number 13!  A great result (quickly followed by an immediate plummet from the top 150, ah well).

top 20.PNG

So we finally got there (only the 6 weeks late) and I feel its important to say that this is only the beginning as we work (with you hopefully) to push ChessJournal forward and create the best companion app for “over the board” chess players possible.

I will finish this post with an image that I feel sums up the weekend for myself and Matt.



Download ChessJournal here:


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