Feature Roadmap

Hello ChessJournal fans!

As promised, I wanted to write another blog post covering the high-level development roadmap for ChessJournal now that v1.0 has gone live.  Over the weekend we have received some fascinating feedback that we are still collating from all of you.


However, me and Matt have always had a number of key strategic releases and updates for ChessJournal planned once it was on the App Store.  The timings and release schedule are to be determined but I wanted to give you early customers an idea of what is to come ahead.  In a loose but not necessarily correct order, here we go…

iPad Optimisation

Whilst v1.0 of ChessJournal works on iPad, we are well aware that it needs a level of optimisation to improve the “look and feel” when compared to its iPhone counterpart.  For example, typography and pop-up windows in particular. The iPad optimisation of ChessJournal is a “straight after launch” activity because we learned through our App Store application that iPad also had to be supported. If you have downloaded ChessJournal on the iPad then don’t worry, it will be improving soon.

PGN Export and Share functionality

As I stated in my last post, the addition of PGN export functionality has always been intended but following the v1.0 release we realise how valued this is.  The addition of PGN exports for games also ties in nicely with another missing piece of functionality that didn’t make it into the first version of ChessJournal: Sharing.

It has long been our goal that upon entering your chess games then ChessJournal should enable you to share them via email or social media (eventually we might move to the point of sharing between different ChessJournal’s but that is a way off yet).  Its obvious to see how the provision of PGN export and sharing go hand in hand, so it is likely that this feature combination will be added soon.

Annotation Design Improvements

ChessJournal is about storing, analysing and recording your thoughts about each individual game to identify where you went wrong.  Whilst we are pleased with the v1.0 implementation and the ability to edit and annotate games, we feel that a better, sexier solution could also exist.  Whilst I don’t want to say too much now, myself and Matt will be exploring how to improve the design of the game annotation feature of ChessJournal.  Basically we will be focusing some design effort on the “journal” part of ChessJournal.

Trends Expansion

The Trends tab of ChessJournal is intended to grow as we gather more feedback from ChessJournal users and fans.  At the moment we have launched with two Trends: “Opponent Grade” and “Length of Game”. Moving forward we have already identified three additional trends which are “Form”, “Days of the Week” and “Mistakes”.  If you have any suggestions for what kind of trends you would like us to track then please do let us know.


Android Launch

Android, oh Android! Yes.  We will be launching on Android.  The app has been specifically designed to do so.  However, we want to make sure that we get ChessJournal right on one platform first before we launch it on a second one!  Its been really reassuring to get all your comments on Android as it shows a real desire for ChessJournal which is encouraging.


A final high-level feature we will be working towards is the provision of ChessJournal in multiple languages.  In a similar vein to the Android launch, we want to make sure that we get ChessJournal right first before we invest and create multiple language versions of it. However, we understand how critical launching a multi-language version of ChessJournal will be as chess is obviously a global game!  For example, our Twitter Analytics package shows us that 18% of our Twitter followers speak Spanish. Thats a big percentage of ChessJournal fans!

So thats our high-level feature roadmap for ChessJournal. Hopefully this post gives you an idea of what is come and where we aim to improve.  I know I always say it but we really are grateful for your feedback and suggestions and ChessJournal’s success is built upon that collaboration. Please do share news of ChessJournal with your friends, team mates and club officers.  Every piece of feedback helps.

Until next time.


Download ChessJournal here: http://itunes.com/apps/chessjournal

3 Replies to “Feature Roadmap”

  1. Just a thought on reading this. With trends – In not sure whether it’s a workable option but It pull be interesting to know how one performs in specific openings – ie: every time you play the Vienna you draw or lose whereas every time you play the as scotch you win – clearly you either bin the Vienna or mug up on it – just a thought – good luck with the updates


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