Talking to chess players…

Hello ChessJournal Fans!

Its been another interesting week here at ChessJournal HQ as we moved into our second week since launch and we started to get more feedback from real chess players.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the Bristol & District Chess League’s Summer Congress where I had an opportunity to chat to players actually in a tournament environment.  I also made some rather snazzy posters (if I do say so myself) which I placed in tactical locations around the building such as right underneath the tournament standings.  Blunt but effective marketing!

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 08.28.01

My thanks to the congress organisers, Alan Papier and Graham Mill-Wilson, who also let me make an announcement to the 92 assembled “wood pushers’ before the start of round three.

What was fascinating about my little exploratory  research session was how badly missed the PGN export feature is in the current version of ChessJournal.  “Can I export my games?” was nearly always the first of second question asked (the other question often being “When will it be on Android?“).

In hindsight (a wonderful thing!) the demand for the PGN export feature is obvious as many chess players already have an established workflow for analysing their games at home using powerful software such as ChessBase.

This last point appears to be an interesting area of confusion as here at ChessJournal HQ we have received several comments from chess players thinking that our app would replace these much larger software packages!! Let me be clear now and say categorically, that is not the case.

We believe the beauty of ChessJournal is in the immediacy and convenience of having your games on your smartphone and forcing you to self critique and learn from your mistakes as you replay and annotate your matches.  ChessJournal is a tool designed to aid chess players immediately after a league or tournament game and not to actually replace or become a database of millions of GM games.  Don’t take your laptop to the tournament, take your smartphone! Its an app for chess players on the go or who don’t want to remember all their scoresheets when they meet for a weekend “coffee & kibbitz” session with friends ! We are a “$2 once kind of app” and not a $10 a month / $120 a year kind of app! I am going to work hard to clear up this confusion moving forward.

When viewed in this light its easy to see (hindsight, yes I know hindsight!) how essential PGN export is, as this feature enables ChessJournal to support and enhance existing software used by serious chess players. A PGN export feature for your games will very likely be in the next release of ChessJournal.

So some news on other updates!  I am working on the iPad improvements this afternoon whilst Matt is sunning himself on holiday!  In all seriousness we have taken a couple of weeks off to relax from the launch and give us the time to gather all of your valuable feedback.

We aim to start rolling out updates soon and of particular note is our planned discussion around the Android roll out.  The demand is clearly there!

Thats it from me this week!  As usual I will finish with an update on our little community.  Our social media presence now numbers 438 likes or follows so we continue to grow slowly and steadily. Keep spreading the word!

Until next time folks!



Download Chessjournal here: http://itunes.comapps/chessjournal


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