Improvements and summer sale!

Hello ChessJournal fans!

The blog has been quiet during July but the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed a steady release of updates and new features for your favourite chess diary app! Today marks the release of version 1.3 of ChessJournal and inline with our roadmap (published here) we have thus far:

  • Optimised fully for iPad users
  • Added a PGN export feature at the request of many a wood pusher!
  • Added a Dynamic Annotations Timeline feature to radically overhaul the previous annotation option.

It is the launch of our Dynamic Annotation Timelines (DATs) that has got me and Matt really excited and we feel takes ChessJournal to the next level.  We previously acknowledged that the annotation feature felt basic in version 1.0 (a simple text field).  But as of today you can not only annotate individual moves but also immediately return to critical positions by pressing on the annotation number on the left hand side.  We really hope those of you who have already downloaded ChessJournal update soon and have a play with the DAT.  It packs the ‘Journal’ into ChessJournal.


Unfortunately we were just a day too late for some people thou.  Sadly we received our first 1 star review yesterday with one customer lamenting the annotation feature of ChessJournal.  I really hope they upgrade today and are pleasantly surprised.  My only comment would be thank you very much for the feedback as it really helps validate the direction that me and Matt want to take ChessJournal.

One other piece of news from ChessJournal HQ is a decision around pricing.  I have been regularly (my wife would say religiously…) monitoring our analytics on the App Store and its fair to say that July and August have a noticeable dip during the off-peak chess season.  Therefore to get everybody geared up for the new competitive season we have taken the decision to offer a ‘summer sale’ by giving ChessJournal away for FREE in August!  If you have been admiring ChessJournal from afar then now would be a really good time to give it a try (and also tell your friends).  If you bought ChessJournal already then I’m sure you know how much me and Matt value your support and the early encouragement that you have given us. Thank you!

Speaking of support, in this release we have also added a quick link to leave a review on the app store (on the seasons list screen).  Anybody who works with apps will know how important customer reviews are so if you are enjoying what me and matt are doing with ChessJournal then please leave us some love!

Finally a quick social media update on the ChessJournal community.  We now number 472 likes or followers.  A tidy bunch if ever i saw one!

Thanks for reading and do please continue to spread the news of ChessJournal to your club mates, friends and coaches.  Together we can promote the power of ‘over the board’ chess whilst learning a little about ourselves in the process!

Until next time!


Download chessJournal here:



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