Introducing Goals in ChessJournal Pro

Hello ChessJournal fans!

It’s been a quiet start to the year on the blog but a busy one behind the scenes. Myself and Matt have been busy pulling together ChessJournal Pro ready for launch in the near future. I am not going to say too much on this exciting new direction for the app but I thought I would write a quick update on one new feature we are calling “Goals”.

When ChessJournal Pro launches you will find that the “Trends” tab has been amalgamated into “Stats” and been replaced with “Goals”. The “Goals” area really plays to the journal aspect of ChessJournal Pro. Whilst the rest of the app allows detailed analysis and study, “Goals” is much closer to a diary where the determined self improver can set their own challenges and track their progress.

Players will be able to set themselves personal improvement goals for an entire season. “Goals” can take many forms and are as personal to each chess players objectives based on their current ability. Some example “Goals” could include:

  •  With Black I want to learn the Ruy Lopez
  • Before I move I will analyse atleast two candidate moves
  • I want to beat someone above 1900 ELO
  • I want to draw less games
  • Win the grading prize in the Bristol Summer Congress: Open section

As you compete across a season the “Goals” area allows you to link and tag ‘over the board’ games that you have played that provide an example of you achieving that goal. You can link as many games as you want to a particular goal.

To help you get started, each season will come with a number of default goals that you can edit or delete. Me and Matt have been discussing what should be a default goal for a chess player at the start of a new season and it’s stimulated some facinating discussion down the pub! As always we welcome feedback from our dedicated ChessJournal blog readers on what kinds of goals you set yourselves.

So that’s it for this week! A quick sneek peek of just one new feature coming your way when the new and improved Chessjournal Pro launches. When we are closer to announcing a launch date, I’ll write another update.

Until then I hope everyone’s season is going well. My personal season is currently on a knife-edge as a great start has been undermined by a poor run in January dropping my stats to below 1800 and at 42%. The next league match is make or break…


2 Replies to “Introducing Goals in ChessJournal Pro”

  1. Are there any plans to be able to back up the database on the phone? To a cloud or? I’ve lost a load of games when I changed sims which leaves me reluctant to start again as sooner or later I’ll change the phone again and bang goes the games :-/


    1. Hi Terry! Absolutely! That’s why we are making ChessJournal Pro. Our framework provider announced a problem with local storage which we blogged about in the last post. ChessJournal Pro will be cloud based. That’s about all I’ll say for now as we have some nice surprises 🙂


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