Preparing to launch…

Hello ChessJournal fans!

This week me and Matt have made excellent progress on finalising key development tasks for the launch of ChessJournal Pro. At this stage we are aiming for an April launch simultaneously on both iOS and Android.

I am going to keep the full list of new features and changes quiet until it is actually available to download (if only to make sure everything we want to give you lucky people actually makes it into the final app!). However it is fair to say we are both excited and see a real step change in the ChessJournal offering!

Today I wanted to let you regular readers know that in preparation for launch, we have removed ChessJournal v1.4.5 for download from the App Store. As I have previously blogged, ChessJournal: Pro Edition will be an entirely new app and proposition. I want to extend a massive massive thank you to the hundreds of wood pushers who have downloaded the original ChessJournal and given myself and Matt so much valuable feedback. We really hope you early adopters can see many of your comments factored into ChessJournal: Pro Edition. 

Oh and yes, the import game feature is working lovely šŸ™‚

In the ‘over the board’ world this week I was asked to fill in on bottom board in div 1 of the Bristol league. I was pleased with a solid draw against a stronger opponent but unfortunately the team lost in a combination of blunders and time scrambles (from both teams). It was widely agreed by both parties that whoever won, it certainly wasn’t chess!

Thanks for reading and stay posted for more exciting news in the coming weeks!



Director of Bizarre Opening Choices

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