About the ChessJournal App


ChessJournal is the companion app for club and tournament chess players. Designed to celebrate ‘over the board’ competitive chess, whilst giving you flexibility and mobility in the analysis of your games, ChessJournal offers:

  • The ability to store all your “over the board” games in the cloud. Carry them wherever you go;
  • A fully integrated chess engine for detailed analysis of your games;
  • Statistical breakdown of your performance across any given season with the white and black pieces;
  • Create personal improvement goals and track them across the season, linking important games as you play and analyse them.
  • Annotate your games to record key moments and spot how mistakes happened.
  • Create and save variations of key positions spotting mistakes and missed opportunities;
  • Import and export full PGN of your games.
  • Share your games via email, Twitter or Facebook to show your club mates and coaches.

Its not about understanding millions of other peoples games, its about understanding yours! Download ChessJournal App on iOS and Android below: